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Mood Management

“Minds don't always control what their body is doing. They don’t always know what they are doing, or why they are doing it. And minds don’t always tell the truth. But they do have a tendency to come up with a story. The brain evolved from groups of nerves around the gut of tubular creatures to become an amazingly complicated, calculating, public relations organ. But it was a mood machine long before it became a mind machine. The most modern parts of the brain extend from the most primitive parts - the parts that manage moods. Once we understand that it all begins to make sense. Mood Management is the key to behaviour management.” 

Positive Creative Solutions offers a series of practical workshops, tools and resources to enable organisations to put Mood Management into Practice.

We know what causes people to drift into the wrong mood.

  • Environmental settings physical and human.
  • Routines and procedures.
  • Mindbrain and bodybrain settings.

We can manage the physical and emotional environment and the daily routines, to prevent panic from taking control. Reducing discomforts, anxieties and uncertainties are a first step in reducing over activity in the sympathetic nervous system. Adults may need to take control of the situation because the child does not have self control in these situations. We know what humans in general like and by taking the time to find out, and communicating that information to everybody involved, we can become better at fine tuning the environment and routines to better reflect individual preferences.

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"Bernard Allen led a series of successful schools for children and young people with social, emotional and mental health difficulties over a period of twenty years before becoming a full-time writer, consultant and expert witness. He writes books and provides training on the psychology of behaviour worldwide. He also advises courts, insurers and governments on policy, training and liability issues relating to behaviour."

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