Becoming experts in the solution, not the problem ...

Becoming experts in the solution, not the problem ...


The POSITIVE Tools – Resources to assist in implementing a Solution Focused approach to Behaviour Support

When working with individuals who display challenging behaviour it can be difficult to identify the way forward. The POSITIVE Tool cards and posters can be used in a variety of ways to help all involved refocus on what’s wanted and opportunities to achieve this.

This unique resource invites individuals or groups to review, create and evaluate support and interventions in a thoughtful, inclusive and respectful manner. The POSITIVE Tools are built around eight solution focused tools:

1.      Possibilities - that can be imagined from past, present and future   experiences.

2.      Outcomes - how is progress going to be measured and by whom?

3.      Scaling – how to examine what is currently working and what might be next.

4.      Identifying counters – of both the individual and those who support them.

5.      Taking small steps - towards a jointly preferred outcome can help bring a feeling of progress to even the most difficult situations.

6.      Illuminating progress - can help identify a possible way forward and also assist with a more positive view of supporting the individual.

7.      Valuing through affirming - the quality, resource or skill that the individual and those who support them bring to the situation.

8.      Exceptions - when the individual is displaying the preferred behaviours and building on these successes.

·       Authors: Nick Burnett and Drew Allison

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